Sunday, February 10, 2013

ektorp corner couch

After lots of internet researching, yesterday Will and I ventured to Ikea and bought a couch! We've been using my college futon as a couch since we moved in, and while I was grateful to have it for the past few months, it definitely gave the living room a college apartment feel. Our super comfy but kind of in-rough shape couch didn't fit in the front door, so it lives in our basement now.

That whole not fitting in the door thing is one of the reasons we went with an Ikea couch. When you walk in the front door, you have to immediately turn to enter the living room, and to bring something in the side door, you also have to go around a turn. That makes getting anything large into the house a big challenge. An Ikea couch, which comes in pieces, solved that problem! The boxes the couch came in were so enormous though, that we decided to pay a little extra to have them delivered. I had read this recommendation on a blog, and I'm so glad that I did! They were able to deliver it the same day, so not too much waiting either.

 When we unpacked the cushions, our entire house was filled!

I was definitely a little anxious about the putting it together process, but we were both pleasantly surprised with how simple it was. The whole couch was together in less than an hour, and that included vacuuming the floor where the couch was going to land, and rearranging the existing furniture (the futon lives in the "guest bedroom"/future baby room for now). So after the work was done, we had a real, grown up living room! No more college apartment furniture!

Up next? A new solution for the entertainment area and tv. Yikes, it's a mess!

I picked out, and Will bought us these beautiful pillows from Pier One today! The big grey and white pillow are from Ikea and are sooo comfy to lay against.
This is the view from the dining room. I'm dreaming about extending this doorway all the way to the wall on the right so the dining room and living room would be more connected.

So if you are looking for me anytime soon, you'll probably find me near this couch :-)


  1. It looks great! The Ektorp corner couch has been on our list for a while.

  2. Hello! What color is your ektorp corner couch?