Saturday, February 9, 2013

kitchen update

Of all the rooms in our house, the kitchen has definitely gotten the most attention. I spent weeks working on it before we moved in, knowing that I would not be happy here until it was clean and fresh. We have dreams of totally renovating it down the line, but for now, I am happy with it. My few gripes are the lack of counter space makes cooking difficult, and the lack of a dishwasher is a HUGE adjustment. However, the yellow and black tile has actually kind of grown on me!

Here are some updates I've made to the kitchen recently:

  • Added black metal brackets to the shelf above the stove. The brackets made the floating white shelf a lot more stable, and it also helped tie it in with the cabinet hardware. 
  • Since the shelf is more stable, I was able to add a lamp. I love not having to turn overhead lighting on, so this is nice to have when I'm cooking dinner. Looking at the pictures of it, I would like to run the cord from the lamp along the bracket to make it less visible, and then secure it along the wall behind the stove so it's not so messy looking. Because the sink full of dishes that's there 90% of the time is messy enough haha 
  • On Friday I actually had a snow day (yeahhhh!!), and I made kitchen curtains. My mom helped me pick out the fabric, which works perfectly with the colors in there right now, and I used iron on seam tape to finish it off. It was nice to be able to choose whatever fabric I wanted, and customize it to the non-standard size of this window. It's so nice to have for privacy at night, and it really makes the area look finished. I have seen this project done on lots of blogs, but was still a little intimidated by it. It was soo easy though! I definitely plan on making more curtains.
  • I got a rug from Target (on sale!) that I put in front of the sink. I might move it in front of the stove to spread out the pattern across the room, now that I'm looking at it in pictures.

Other exciting house news is that we bought a new couch today!! I'm laying on it right now :-) Pictures tomorrow!

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  1. Your counter tiles are the exact tiles I had in my parents bathroom. Thats crazy.